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Where Did the Time Go?
April 28, 2010, 9:08 pm
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I feel so old…yesterday I spent the afternoon (well, actually only about half an hour..)at the DMV to help my middle daughter get her Learner’s Permit for driving!  When did she get old enough to get a drivers license?!!?  Wasn’t she just born yesterday?!   Where did all those years go?

I remember when I was pregnant with her.  I was so excited about another baby.  Our oldest and firstborn was almost 4.  I had just recently had a miscarriage so wanted a baby very badly.   At about 5 months along, the doctor ordered an ultrasound because he wanted to check for twins because my belly had grown an inordinate amount (To clarify—I hadn’t gained a lot of weight–only about 8 lbs!  The belly measurement was larger than it should have been!).  Since twins ran rampantly in both my family and my husband’s, he wanted to check to be sure.

We did the ultrasound and had decided that if they could tell the sex, we didn’t want to know—we wanted to be surprised.  Well, we got there, they did the ultrasound and then asked if we wanted to know the sex.  We said “no”.  Then, it got the best of my husband and he had to know.  I told the nurse to tell him, but don’t tell me.  They went into another room and he came back grinning.  I couldn’t tell one way or another, but I had my suspicians (which were right).  That lasted about an hour–on the way home I told him I couldn’t stand that he knew something I didn’t. (And if you knew me, you’d understand how very true that statement is!! Lol…).  It was another girl!  I was fine with that.  I loved my little girl and I knew how to take care of girls.  Another girl was great with me!  When it came time to pick out a name, we were undecided between two different names.  We couldn’t decide, so we deferred to our daughter and let her pick between the two.

When E came, it was the most horrible pain I have EVER encountered!  If I had had her first, there would be no other babies, I’m sure!  (Which is kind of funny, seeing as how I did have another baby after her!)  I had terrible back labor and couldn’t get anything for the pain!  Luckily, the whole labor and delivery lasted only 4 hours, but it was the most horrible, pain-filled 4 hours of my life!  If you had asked me then, I would have told you I was in labor for 72 hours!!!  She came so fast, the doctor almost didn’t make it to catch her.

My precious, E was here.  When E was a baby, she was adorable.  She was a wonderful baby.  She was a happy baby.  In all of the pictures we have of her, she is laughing.  She had one of those infectious smiles.  Even today, E is the happiest, most easy-going of all my children.  She makes us laugh and smile on a daily basis.  Now she is old enough to drive….where did the time go?  Before long, she will be graduating from high school and moving on.  It makes me sad, but I know God has an amazing life for her.  She wants to be a missionary–she has since she was a small child.  She can almost always be found reading her Bible.  She took it upon herself last year to read through her Bible in it’s entirety–she accomplished that long before the year was over.  I’m very proud of her.   Sometimes I know she feels she gets lost in between the drama of her two other sisters, but that’s one of those unfortunate side effects of being the middle child.

Now my middle child will start driving, and I’ll only have one left to go…. Go home tonight/today, and hug on, and love your little ones, because before too long, they too will be getting their drivers licenses.  In the meantime, watch out world, E will be out on the streets driving!


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