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She’s Twenty!!
June 18, 2010, 5:39 pm
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Today is my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday—where have 20 years gone?!?!  It seems like only yesterday, we were heading “down the pass” (Colorado speak for driving from a mountain town into the big city!) to have our first baby.  I can remember the excitement and the fear–would I have horrible pain?  Would it be a boy or girl? (We wanted it to be a surprise!)  Would I be a good mommy?   Would I be in labor long??

I went into labor at 10pm-ish on June 17th.  We were living in Woodland Park, and had just gotten home from Colorado Springs, where we had spent the day with my family.  We had gone to the grocery store, and I had just carried a bag into my kitchen when my water broke.   My thoughts were “Are you kidding me?  We just drove up from the Springs?   This couldn’t have happened before we drove up here??”    J called the doctor while I grabbed a few things to take to the hospital.  I heard J giving all the info to the doctor and then I heard him say “Oh, this isn’t Dr. F’s office?”  In his excitement, he had called the wrong number and told some poor guy all about his pregnant wife’s water breaking all over the kitchen floor!!

Labor wasn’t too bad—I didn’t feel a thing until right before I was ready to deliver.  The nurse that hooked me up to the monitor was amazed that I wasn’t feeling anything because the contractions were apparently really strong!  (Thank you, Lord!)  My labor progressed so quickly that I wasn’t even able to have anything for the pain of delivery.  When the doctor said it was a girl, I was so excited!  He handed me this beautiful, tiny baby girl with jet black hair and olive skin (Yes….A started life out looking a little different than she does now!).  She was perfect in every way–no pointed head, no cheesy stuff all over her, no imperfections that I could see.   My baby girl was here.

She was a dancer from the start.  When she was about 8 months old, she would “roll” (she never learned to crawl) over to the audio speakers and bang on them–this was my sign to turn on the music.  Then she would sit up and just bounce up and down!  Amy Grant was her favorite.  When A was born, Amy had just released a song called “Baby, Baby”…I used to sing it to her all the time.  That became “her song”.   (When I got the chance to meet Amy Grant and take pictures of her, I told her about my girls and their songs—it seemed that every year I had a daughter, Amy released a new album/song, so all of their songs are Amy’s!)   When she learned to stand up, she would stand on her toes.  A ballerina was born!

She had a squeaky little voice and was always tiny.  She loved to dance, sing and perform.   She loved Laura Ingalls Wilder and all things “Little House on the Prairie”.  She loved her little sisters fiercely, and unbeknownst to me, she would lure her sister, E, with food, into some cabinets we had in our basement and she would lock her in there.  This was something that was just recently brought to my attention.  I always thought E got in there herself!

She has always been a scrappy little thing, and no one ever had to wonder where she stood on any subject!  She has an opinion about everything and doesn’t mind sharing it.  I love that about her!

She went through her teen years relatively easily—-don’t get me wrong…she was a drama queen, but if that’s the worst she did, I couldn’t ask for more.  She loved N*Sync…mostly Lance…and we went to several of their concerts together.  She had her share of crushes and heartbreaks, nights of crying and wondering if she would ever find someone that understood her.  She graduated from high school, survived her parents separation, and finished her first year of Bible college, all in one year.  Most of all, she loves the Lord, and for that I am most thankful.

Many nights I spent praying for a Godly man for Ashley.  She is strong-willed with a temper to match, so she will need someone special.  At Bible school this year, she met such a man.  They are suited well, and both of them love the Lord.  There has been talk of a wedding in 2011, which makes this mommy a little emotional.  How do I let this little girl go?  How do I go to sleep at night without a kiss and hug from her?  I guess I should make the most of my time with her now.

She is now 20?  Where did the years go???


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