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Me, The Chicken and The Bachelor…
February 15, 2011, 1:36 am
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Today is Valentines Day.  Nothing makes a single person feel even MORE single than Valentines Day!  At work all day, I was fine.  I saw ladies walk to the reception area to pick up flowers their husbands had sent, people wished me Happy Valentines Day (nice thought, but really?!?) and even had a few Hershey Kisses that someone brought into share with all of us.

On the drive home, I was stopped at a light and I glanced over to see a man unwrap a Valentines candy (you could tell because the wrap was pink and red and shiny!) and pluck it in his mouth.  Then I looked behind his head in the backseat.  There were 3 big balloons with the words “I Love You”, screaming at me in all their foiled Mylar essence. “I Love You”…those are 3 words I won’t hear today.  Oh, of course, my children all told me they loved me today, but it’s not the same.

When my husband walked out, I never thought I’d EVER want to be with someone ever again!  My heart was broken and my trust had been trampled upon.  I just knew that I could never, nor would I ever want, to trust any man ever again with my heart.

Today, when I saw those balloons, I longed to hear those words.  I longed for a man to send me flowers or big ugly Mylar balloons that screamed “I Love You” to the people in the cars driving around me.  I longed to go home to a man that loved me and cherished me….I’d actually never had that before.  Certainly not in the 20+ years I was married. My ex thought flowers were a waste of money, and don’t even get started on balloons or a card!

I cried.  I knew when I got home, the house would be dark and lonely (the girls are at dance class on Mondays) and I’d have to drag my tired body into the kitchen to make some sad, lonely dinner out of the sad, lonely chicken I left to thaw in the sink.  There would be:

No flowers.
No candy.
No Mylar balloons.
No card.
No nothing.
Just me, the chicken and The Bachelor.

Maybe one day, God will bless me with a man after His own heart.  One that will get a thrill out of sending me flowers just because.  Or a man that will send me Reeses Peanut Butter cups because he knows they are my favorite.  Maybe a man that will send me balloons just so he can suck the helium and tell me he loves me in that wonderful helium-tone voice one gets after sucking helium.  And maybe, one day, God will send me a man that will turn that sad, lonely chicken into a spectacular dinner and then sit down with me to watch The Bachelor so I don’t have to do it alone….


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Monica!!! This made me cry!!! You said it well, Girl!! It was not all that long ago that I could have written the same words…(although not nearly as eloquently!) All I can say is that I KNOW God has wonderful & perfect plans for you…plans for a future & HOPE!!! I will pray right now that He will fill those lonely and hurting places for you this very night and that one day, in His perfect timing, He will send along the love you long for…the one He designed just for you!!! Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

Comment by Tammy Z

Psalm 37:4. God is capable and willing to do all that you ask — and more. And…He can do it in a moment.

I had a kidney stone blasted on Valentine’s Day. 😉

Comment by Shanna

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